58yo female with hyperpigmented papules on arms and palms

Presenter: Olga Demidova, DO; Laura Jordan, DO; Cole Cahill, DO; Schield Wikas, DO; Monte Fox, DO
Dermatology Program: Tri-County Dermatology
Program Director: Schield Wikas, DO
Submitted on: Nov 5, 2016

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A 58-year-old female presented to the dermatology clinic with complaints of asymptomatic hyperpigmented papules over arms and palms.


Signs and symptoms:  A 58-year-old female was referred to the dermatology clinic by her primary care physician for evaluation of asymptomatic hyperpigmented papules involving her arms and palms. Growths appeared several weeks prior to the initial visit. During the visit, the patient reported mild shortness of breath that is chronic for her and may have worsened in the past few weeks. She denied changes in medications and any recent illness.

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