Submission Instructions and Guidelines

  1. Please check your own spellings, punctuations, and syntaxes.  The editors of the Dermatology Grand Rounds will be focusing only on the formatting of the cases
  2. Please keep in mind that once the cases are submitted, they remain on the internet indefinitely.  These cases will be showing up on web engine searches when other people search your name.  Be sure to present a quality case because what we published will be following your internet presence.
  3. Please make sure you have patient’s consent to post photographs.  Also, do not name the picture files after patients’ names.  Your patients would not appreciate their pictures showing up on Dermatology Grand Rounds with disease entities when other people search for their names.
  4. Similarly, do not name the file after the actual conditions of the diseases you are trying to present.  Part of the challenge of reviewing Dermatology Grand Rounds cases is for the readers to figure out what is the right diagnosis.  We do not want to have answer be listed when the reader perform a mouse-over across the image.
  5. While we understand some submission will be based on the case report written for other journals, we do ask you to modify your submission to meet our format.  Please do not use the name of the disease as the title of your submission.  Also, please do not give away the diagnosis on the first half of the presentation.