Multiple flesh colored papules on face and trunk

Presenter: Sarah Croft DO, Jill Salyards DO, Brandon Shutty DO
Dermatology Program: Nova Southeastern University/Largo Medical Center
Program Director: Richard Miller, DO
Submitted on: Jun 6, 2014

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A 52 year old Caucasian male presents for initial evaluation with multiple pruritic “bumps” on his back.


Signs and symptoms:  A 52 year old Caucasian male presents for initial evaluation with multiple pruritic “bumps” on his back that seem to be increasing in number over 2 years time as well as new lesions on the cheeks that he cuts while shaving.

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Multiple asymptomatic “white” patches

 Presenter: Alexandra Grob, DO, Kristi Hawley, DO
Dermatology Program: Oakwood Southshore Medical Center
Program Director: Steven Grekin, DO, FAOCD
Submitted on: Jun 2, 2014

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A 14-year-old Caucasian female presented with multiple asymptomatic “white” patches on her forehead, bilateral arms, and legs, present since birth. She states the patches have grown in proportion to her growth, and that “brown spots” gradually began to form within and around these areas. She states her father and paternal grandfather also have similar clinical findings.

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Ulcerative lesions in returning travelers

Presenter: Shana Rissmiller,DO, Sarah Ferrer,DO, Emily Matthews,DO, Jamie Groh,DO
Dermatology Program: West Palm Hospital/ Palm Beach Consortium for Graduate Medical Education
Program Director: Dr. Robin Shecter,DO
Submitted on: May 19, 2014

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A 51-year-old Colombian male presented to the office with an approximately 3 week history of an evolving ulcerative lesion on the left forearm.


Signs and symptoms:  He first noticed the lesion shortly after returning from a 2 month recreational stay in Colombia. He denied any known trauma or arthropod assault. The lesion reportedly began as a non-pruritic erythematous papule. Over the course of the subsequent weeks the area enlarged, ulcerated, and became crusted. He denied fever, chills, or abdominal pain.

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Pruritic, painful callus on the toe

Presenter: Ashley Feneran, D.O., Sital Patel, D.O., Kevin Cooper, M.D.
Dermatology Program: University Hospitals Richmond Medical Center
Program Director: Jenifer Lloyd, D.O.
Submitted on: Mar 3, 2014

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  40 year-old Caucasian female with no significant past medical history who presents with new onset callus on the left third toe.


Signs and symptoms:  Initially, patient complained of pruritus and pain at the site which worsened over time. Eventually the site drained purulent exudate.

Previous Treatment:  Three 7-day courses of levofloxacin 500mg daily prior to presenting to dermatology.

Other information:  Prior to development of the lesion, the patient admits to travel to Kenya to perform in rural outreach projects. A bone scan was negative for osteomyelitis.


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Rash with occasional small blisters

Presenter: Sean Branch, D.O., Ryan Owen, D.O., Luis Soro, D.O., Christian Oram, D.O., Stephen Hemperly, D.O., and Kelly Reed, D.O.
Dermatology Program: Lehigh Valley Health Network/Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Program Director: Stephen Purcell, D.O.
Submitted on: Mar 3, 2014

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A 79 year-old male complained of a rash with occasional small blisters.


Signs and symptoms:  The generalized rash began 4 months ago and was mildly pruritic. Small blisters appeared to rupture easily and leave behind superficial erosions. There was no history of any new or changing medications prior to the onset of his rash.

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