Itchy Patches

Presenter: Tracy Favreau, DO; Asfa Akhtar, DO; Merrick Elias, DO; Kristen Aloupis, DO; David Bonney, DO; Brian Feinstein, DO; Chris Buckley, DO; Marcus Goodman, DO; Allison Schwedelson, DO
Dermatology Program: NSUCOM/NBHD
Program Director: Stanley E. Skopit, DO, FAOCD
Submitted on: Oct 1, 2006

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  Patient is a 60 year old Latin male presenting for evaluation of itchy patches in his bilateral axillae, inguinal region, and gluteal folds. Patient states this eruption is ongoing for the previous three months and is progressively worsening. He feels as if it began after starting a new medication.

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Painful, Swollen Left Foot

Presenter: Matthew Smetanick, D.O., Gregg Severs, D.O., J. Greg Brady, D.O.
Dermatology Program: Frankford Hospital/PCOM
Program Director: Stephen M. Purcell, D.O.
Submitted on: Sep 28, 2006

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A 69 year-old, otherwise healthy woman was seen in our office for a painful, swollen left foot.


Signs and symptoms:  She reported a two-week history of worsening symptoms after stepping on a sharp object while walking barefoot at home. The patient experienced pain at the base of her left first toe, but could not identify an obvious puncture wound or foreign body at the time of injury.

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Skin Rash on the Bilateral Upper Extremities and Face

Presenter: Jennifer Bucci, DO & Schield Wikas, DO, FACOD
Dermatology Program: Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital
Program Director: Schield Wikas, DO
Submitted on: Jul 4, 2006

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  This is a case of a 39 year-old Caucasian female who  presented with a skin rash of several months duration on the bilateral upper extremities and face. She later developed many extracutaneous manifestations including xerostomia, dysphagia, fatigue, anorexia with subsequent weight loss, and paresthesias of the bilateral lower extremities. Most disconcerting to her, however, was an accelerating loss of motor function; she had difficulty getting out of a chair and walking up stairs.

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Progressive Worsening Rash

Presenter: Marya Cassandra, Greg Houck, Valerie Johnson, Kristin Witfill, Andrea Nelson, and Nanda Channaiah
Dermatology Program: Nova Southeastern University/Sun Coast Hospital
Program Director: Rick Miller, DO, FAOCD
Submitted on: Apr 28, 2006

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  1.5 year history of a progressively worsening rash on the face, trunk, and upper and lower extremities, including the palms and soles. This was previously diagnosed as vitiligo and eczema.

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