Lesion on Right Forehead

Presenter: Rick Lin DO MPH, Dan J Ladd DO
Dermatology Program: Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine Dermatology Department
Program Director: Bill V. Way, DO
Submitted on: Dec 29, 2003

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A spot on the right forehead


Past history of basal cell carcinoma. Patient returns for a follow up visit to be monitored for possible recurrence of Skin Cancer and to evaluate skin for the possible development of new pre-cancers. Patient did not know how long the spot on the right forehead had been there. The lesion is asymptomatic.

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Progressively Enlarging Papule

Presenter: Jocelyn E. Harris, DO
Dermatology Program: Lehigh Valley Hospital
Program Director: Stephen Purcell, D.O.
Submitted on: Dec 11, 2003

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A progressively enlarging papule on the patient’s left cheek


Signs and symptoms:  The patient stated the lesion had no discharge and was neither tender nor pruritic. She denied any history of similar lesions. She also denied fever, night sweats, heat/cold intolerance, and weight fluctuation.

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Generalized Pustules

Presenter: Peter Vitulli Jr. D.O. Third year resident, Chris Manlio D. O. first year resident
Dermatology Program: North Broward Hospital District
Program Director: Stanley E. Skopit D.O.
Submitted on: Nov 30, 2003

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A 17-year-old Hispanic female was admitted to the hospital with fever, malaise, and skin rash with suspected bacterimia.


Signs and symptoms:  Patient complained initially of pruritis with subsequent burning pain of skin, which worsened with movement. Patient had concomitant fever up to 103.7, nausea, anorexia, and malaise.

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Disseminated Papules

Presenter: Igor Chaplik, D.O., Charles Gropper, M.D., Cindy Hoffman, D.O.
Dermatology Program: St. Barnabas Hospital Dermatology Department, Bronx, New York
Program Director: Cindy Hoffman, D.O.
Submitted on: Aug 31, 2003

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  Fever, cough, intermittent headaches, weakness, shortness of breath, and a twenty-pound weight loss over the last month.

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