Non-radiating right upper quadrant abdominal pain

Presenter: Leeor Porges DO, Pamela Sheridan DO
Dermatology Program: Broward General Medical Center
Program Director: Carlos Nousari MD
Submitted on: Jul 9, 2016

CHIEF COMPLAINT:  A 17 year old female with clinical findings observed for the first time.


Signs and symptoms:  17 year old girl admitted for evaluation of non-radiating right upper quadrant abdominal pain which had been present for 3 days. Further exam showed unique skin lesions and extracutaneous findings.

Other information:  Family history includes a mother with multiple cafe au lait macules.


Physical examination revealed 24 café-au-lait macules on her limbs and torso ranging in size from 0.5 cm to a 7 cm café-au-lait macule on her left lateral thigh. Additionally she was found to have axillary freckling and three subcutaneous nodules on the face and neck. Preliminary ophthalmologic examination had shown multiple yellow to brown pigmented macules within the irises, clinically consistent with Lisch nodules




MRI:retroperitoneal mass



No biopsy was done.
Histopathologically cafe au lait macules portray nonspecific findings which include a higher number of melanocytes compared to the surrounding skin and giant melanosomes.
Neurofibromas are well circumscribed and un-encapsulated with spindle cells and mast cells in a collagenous stroma. Plexiform neurofibromas resemble Meissner’s corpuscles and have large nerve fascicles.


1.   Neurofibromatosis type 1
2.   Watson syndrome
3.   Neurofibromatosis 2
4.   Juvenile xanthogranulomas with multiple cafe au lait macules
5.   Legius (NF1-like) syndrome

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